How do you balance transformation activities and BAU when you have a few key components and people who are critical to both? 
Juggling Dual Priorities: The Art and Science Behind Business Strategy 
The heart of this conundrum lies in the dual responsibility that every forward-thinking organisation must shoulder: maintaining the robustness of day-to-day operations while steering the ship towards transformation. BAU is the engine that powers the present, safeguarding the stability and functionality of ongoing processes. It's what pays the bills and keeps the lights on. But transformation? That's the wind in the sails of future potential, driving innovation and redefining the organisation’s trajectory. 
Navigating Resource Realities: The Dilemma of Allocation 
Striking a balance between these two is akin to an art form. It's a delicate orchestration of resource allocation, priority management, and change navigation. Resources, both human and financial, are finite. BAU, being the revenue generator, often trumps transformation in the battle for these resources. But the art lies in recognising where a shift in resources can yield an exponential increase in value, carving out a new path for the organisation. 
The Resource Alchemy: Crafting an Optimised Allocation Strategy 
The magic sauce of resource management is in the strategic allocation in alignment with the organisation's long-term vision. This magic happens when we do more with less—streamlining efforts, eliminating redundancies, and homing in on high-impact projects that can amplify effectiveness. 
Boosting Resources: The Lever of Capacity Building 
How do we then boost our capacity to manage both ends of the tightrope? One potent strategy lies in extending the workforce, tapping into external expertise, and scaling resources to fit the ebbs and flows of demand. This external leverage should be applied judiciously—investing in areas where there's a dearth of skills internally or where strategic backfilling can free up your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for higher-value tasks. 
The Marathon Mindset: A Journey of Integrated Expertise 
Transformation is not a sprint; it’s a marathon with a long and winding road ahead. Multi-year programs are common, and with time on your side, there's the opportunity to carefully select and integrate resources into the fabric of the organisation. It's a balancing act that blends in-house knowledge with external innovation, creating a hybrid vigor that can propel the organisation towards its goals. 
Embrace the Balance for Sustainable Success 
In conclusion, the balance between BAU and transformation need not be a zero-sum game. With astute resource management, an agile mindset, and strategic planning, both can not only coexist but also thrive. Organisations that master this balance are the ones that stand resilient in the face of change, ready to leap into the future without losing sight of the present. 
As we look ahead, the path is clear. By embracing this delicate balance, fostering an environment of continuous improvement, and preparing for the long haul, businesses can ensure that they are not just surviving the tightrope of today's challenges but are also actively shaping the heights they will reach tomorrow. 
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