Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) is the practice of outsourcing programme and project management functions fully or partially to a specialised service provider. 

External Experts 

Instead of hiring and maintaining an in-house project management team, organisations can rely on external experts to handle their programme and project management needs. 
In PMaaS, the service provider assumes responsibility for planning, executing, and delivering programmes and projects on behalf of the client. They bring their expertise, industry knowledge, methodologies, working practices and tools to effectively manage the project from start to finish. 
There are several reasons why organisations should consider PMaaS: 
Access to expertise: PMaaS offers access to a pool of highly experienced programme and project management professionals who specialise in delivering successful projects. These experts bring their knowledge, skills, and best practices to execute projects efficiently, maximising your chances of successful outcomes. 
Cost-effectiveness: Hiring and maintaining an in-house project management team (including contractors) can be costly. PMaaS provides a cost-effective alternative as your organisation only pays for the project management services you need, avoiding the expenses associated with hiring, training, and retaining full-time employees and contractors. 
Scalability and flexibility: PMaaS providers can scale their services based on your organisations programme and project demands. They can ramp up or down resources and adapt to changing project requirements, allowing you to flexibly manage project portfolios without being limited by internal capacity constraints. 
Focus on core competencies: By outsourcing project management functions, organisations can focus on their core competencies and strategic initiatives. PMaaS enables businesses to allocate their internal resources to areas where they have a competitive advantage and provide the most value, while leaving project management responsibilities to dedicated experts. 
Reduced implementation time: PMaaS providers bring established project management methodologies, tools, and frameworks. They understand the key enablers for success. This accelerates project initiation and execution, reducing the time required to set up project management processes and workflows from scratch. 
Risk mitigation: PMaaS providers have extensive experience in managing projects across various industries. They bring a wealth of knowledge in identifying and mitigating project risks, helping organisations navigate potential pitfalls and ensuring project success. 
Enhanced project success rates: With PMaaS, organisations can leverage the expertise of seasoned project managers who have a track record of delivering successful projects. This increases the likelihood of achieving project objectives, meeting deadlines, and delivering high-quality results. 
By leveraging PMaaS, organisations can optimise their project management capabilities, improve project outcomes, and achieve their strategic goals more effectively. It allows them to tap into external expertise, streamline processes, and focus on their core business while ensuring professional project management support. 
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