Clear Rock are a People Company 

People create products. People deliver programmes and projects. Our mission is to bring everyone together seamlessly into a single team that focuses on delivering value to you and your customers. 

It's all about your WHY. 

We have an outcome-centric approach based on your WHY (the reason you're doing the work) that is anchored on delivering the most value in the shortest timeframe. 
We provide a completely transparent, collaborative approach to make sure that we’re there with you, for as long as you need, to find a perfectly tailored solution to your business challenges. 
Learn about our values 

Our Values 


However complex the project, we're here to break it down, make it doable and give people the clarity and confidence they need to get great results. We do that by working with complete honesty, openness and transparency tackling tough issues to help our clients see a way through. 


We're experts in our field, with a huge amount of experience, so when we make a commitment to our clients, we mean it. We only promise results we know we can deliver, and we always act in our clients best interests, so they can put their trust and confidence in us, every step of the way. 


We put partnerships first, building strong relationships with our clients, where everyone feels involved, included and empowered to make projects happen. That means listening, learning, understanding and encouraging so every team feels stronger for working with us. 


we know our clients bring us in to make a real difference, fast. That's why we're always focused on delivering value, reducing waste and getting the most important things done quickly, efficiently and effectively. It's about change our clients can feel, results they can see and impact that really lasts. 

Deep Experience 

Our team has years of practical experience in delivering programmes, projects and products utilising a range of frameworks - Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, LeSS, AgilePgM, MSP and PRINCE2. 
Between them, they have helped many organisations to tackle tough challenges and deliver outstanding results - from launching new products and implementing new systems; to migrating services to the cloud, managing digital transformations and adopting and scaling agile frameworks. 

Meet the Team 

Neil Medard Founder 

Expertise: Over 20 years’ experience delivering transformative programmes and projects as well as helping organisations adopt, improve and scale agile ways of working. 
Loves: Running, football and cricket. 

Carol Beaton Programme Manager 

Expertise: Over 20 years' experience leading complex programmes and projects. Quickly able to cut through the noise to focus on the most important things. 
Loves: Golf and Ruby (pet dog and team comforter). 

Shafiq Tajbhai Agile Delivery Manager 

Expertise: Over 15 years' experience in helping organisations build digital products. Expertly complements client teams in agile coaching, facilitating and delivery capacities. 
Loves: Tennis, boxing, Arsenal and working out.  

Alex Clarke Marketing Manager 

Expertise: Over 10 years' experience helping smaller organisations grow their following and client base by telling compelling stories broad spectrum of channels.  
Loves: Music (radio show host). 
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