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At Clear Rock, we are redefining programme and project management through an outcome-centric approach that places your business objectives at the heart of everything we do. 
If your programmes and projects aren’t making the right impact on your business and customers, we can help. Our tailored approach delivers real value through services that extend beyond conventional frameworks and methodologies. 

Deliver Outcomes that Truly Matter. 

Imagine a future where processes are streamlined, cross-functional alignment is natural, resources are optimised, the information-flow supports swift decision making, and there is relentless focus on tangible results. By customising progamme and project approaches, and based on a deep understanding of your unique challenges, we’ll help you deliver the outcomes that truly matter. 
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"Almost half of companies are dissatisfied with current levels of project management maturity" 

How We Help 

The lack of project management discipline and maturity significantly impact organisations through delay, cost overruns and sub-optimal benefits streams. If you want to create something valuable, quickly and cost effectively, you cannot afford any wasted effort. 
This is where Clear Rock can help – we will bring purpose, deep experience, and a tailored approach to your project, helping your teams to focus on the right things at the right time. We don’t just recommend solutions and leave you to it – we’re in it with you, working alongside your teams to focus on the outcomes that really matter 

At the organisation level 

66% projects fail to deliver on time or under budget 
38% projects suffer from scope creep 
34% projects fail to meet original goals 

At the team level 

48% project managers do not create scoping documents as part of project planning 
42% project managers do not use any formal framework 
36% project managers do not use risk management 

Discover the power of aligning everyone to a common goal coupled with lean processes to efficiently deliver outcomes that matter. 

Unlock strategic transformation and value with our extensive programme management, project management, and business analysis services. 
From aligning your visionary goals with tangible outcomes and sculpting precise scope, to focused planning and impeccable execution, each phase is meticulously guided by an open, transparent information flow. 

Services Tailored to Meet Your Needs 

We customise our approach and services to meet your specific needs. Based on our deep practical experience of project frameworks, practices and tools, we'll help you bridge the gap between your aspirations and reality. 

Programme Management 

Outcomes Amplified 
Imagine every facet of your organisation moving in sync towards common outcomes. Our Programme Management as a Service goes beyond conventional project management. It’s about aligning every effort, resource and strategy to maximise value. With us, you’ll experience transformative alignment, strategic momentum, and a relentless focus on results that make a real impact. 

Project Management 

Optimised Delivery 
Projects don’t just need to be managed; they need to deliver swift returns. Our Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) isn’t just about checklists; it’s about efficient execution that accelerates ROI. With us, you’ll experience streamlined processes, optimised resource utilisation and a seamless journey from concept to impactful outcomes. 


Insight Hub 
Informed decisions are the building blocks of excellence. Our Programme and Project Management Office as a Service (PMOaaS) isn’t just about administration and box ticking; it’s about empowering you with insights. With us, you’ll experience a streamlined information flow, proactive risk mitigation, and the clarity needed to make informed decisions that steer your initiatives towards success. 

Business Analysis 

Outcome Driven Design 
When your scope is aligned with outcomes, your chances of success rocket. Our Business Analysis as a Service (BAaaS) goes beyond requirements; they craft strategic precision in a language everyone understands. With us, you’ll experience refined scope definition, strategic prioritisation, and a roadmap that’s tailored for outcomes that truly matter. 

We’re with you every step of the way 


It’s all about the WHY. We take time to understand why the project is important to you and the outcomes you’re trying to achieve. Everything we do next is anchored to this core purpose. 

Value-Based Scoping 

We work alongside you to identify the areas of scope that will deliver the most value to your customers and your organisation. We use this value-based scoping to break up the work into more digestible chunks, continually learning, testing, and implementing for the most desirable outcomes, ensuring that we land the project safely. 


Each area of value needs sizing to determine target delivery dates. Clear Rock will help your teams unpick and prioritise scope at a lower level of detail to enable estimates to be formed and communicated. 

Effective Communication 

Everyone involved in the project from senior stakeholders to performers on the ground need to be fully aligned. We’ll help you establish an effective communication mechanism to align everyone to the purpose and keep them focused on the next key milestone. 

Measure & Course Correct 

We ensure all project fundamentals are in place to enable progress is reported. Our style is to avoid surprises and not present you with problems. We will escalate issues early and provide you with options and recommendations to swiftly make decisions and course correct where necessary. Ultimately, we take small steps towards your big goal, ensuring that we stay on track. 

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Practical Expertise 

Are you curious about our approach? Our case studies and blogs provide a window into the strategies we employ to bring lasting success to our clients. 

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We would love to arrange an informal chat just to talk through your programmes and projects, where we can discuss your goals and challenges. 
During this discussion, we’d love to share how our expertise can significantly improve your chances of achieving your desired outcomes, regardless of the size or complexity of your project or organisation. 
Whether you are leading transformational change; overseeing a large-scale project; or need to fill a capability gap, we want to hear from you. 
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