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At Clear Rock, we are your partner on the journey towards agile excellence. In a world where agility is essential, it isn’t just about adopting agile practices; it’s about achieving impactful results. 
Whether you are taking your first step; looking to enhance your existing processes; or seeking to scale your operations, we can help. Our tailored Agile Services empower your organisation to lasting success. 

Streamlined Processes, Optimised Workflows. 

Imagine a future where your organisation thrives with efficient collaboration, streamlined processes and tangible results that exceed expectations. Through customised approaches derived from a deep understanding of your unique challenges, we’ll help you unlock the potential of agile. 
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"Nearly one-third of companies are not satisfied with their agile practices" 

How We Help  

These challenges often arise from implementing frameworks without embedding an agile culture and a disconnect between organisational priorities and team engagement. This misalignment manifests as rework, rising technical debt, an influx of defects, and disruptive flow within your system that limits value creation. 
The Clear Rock approach involves a thorough exploration of your processes, uncovering root causes, and subsequently tailoring a blend of education, mentoring, coaching, and hands-on assistance. This collaborative effort aims to refine and optimise your system so that it works for you. 

At an organisation level 

54% prioritise based on company goals 
44% prioritise based on customer satisfaction 
44% measure by business objectives 

At a team level 

42% have difficulty managing unplanned work 
38% lack management support 
31% lack clear prioritisation and direction 

Deep Expertise 

Clear Rock provides practical expertise to align leadership and teams so that they have clear priorities and direction. This allows teams to plan and execute more effectively. 

Discover the possibilities of agile adoption, maturity and transformation with our customisable range of services. 

We recognise that each company, project, and product is unique; and we make sure we understand your specific challenges. Our approach involves collaborating with your teams to pinpoint the most effective strategies for rapid improvement, followed by comprehensive hands-on assistance to seamlessly implement these strategies. 
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Help wherever you are in your Agile journey 

Agile Kickstart 

Get Started with Agile 
For organisations embarking on their agile journey, our Agile Kickstart service provides a solid foundation. We break down the complexities of agile into manageable steps, educating and guiding your teams towards effective collaboration and streamlined processes. Experience the power of agile from the very beginning. 

Agile Evolution 

Elevate Agile Performance 
Is your organisation already using agile, but not seeing the expected benefits? Our Agile Evolution service is designed to boost your agile performance. We dive deep into your processes to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. We’ll work hand in hand with you to refine and optimise your ways of working. Unleash your teams’ full potential with agile practices that deliver tangible results. 

Agile Expansion 

Scale with Confidence 
When growth demands more than your current processes can handle, our Agile Expansion service is your solution. We specialise in helping organisations scale their agile practices seamlessly. With a focus on cross functional alignment, streamlined workflows and robust collaboration, we ensure your agile ecosystem thrives as you scale. 

We’re with you every step of the way 


We take the time to understand your goals and objectives, and then work closely with you, your stakeholders, and product teams to shape roadmaps that deliver the outcomes you want. 

Focused Priorities 

From the roadmap, we create a single view of priorities that conveys what the work is, why it's important and the expected quality criteria. 

Effective Communication 

We bridge the gap between leadership and your teams by communicating the roadmap and priorities in a language that everyone can understand. 

Tools & Practices 

We work closely with your teams to identify, implement and embed the tools and practices that work for them. We provide a tailored solution that is fit for your purpose. 


Our focus is to create high-performing teams, and to ensure that they continually improve. We coach and mentor your senior leadership and your teams through change to ensure a sustainable, cohesive team is in place. 

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Deep Practical Expertise 

Are you curious about our approach? Our case studies and blogs provide a window into the strategies we employ to bring lasting success to our clients. 

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We would love to arrange an informal chat just to talk through your agile practices, products and projects, where we can discuss your goals and challenges. 
During this discussion, we’d love to share how our expertise can significantly improve your chances of achieving your desired outcomes, regardless of the size or complexity of your team or organisation. 
Whether you’ve been working with agile for a while, looking to scale or just starting out, we want to hear from you. 
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